Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cotahuasi Canyon, the drive

I am just going to hit some highlights. Tiffany´s blog is more

We left Sat. morning at 7. It as a very long van ride with a few stops, nothing too exciting. The ride was about 60% gravel/dirt roads. From the top of the canyon(see sunset from van pic) to the town of Cotahuasi was about an hour and a half down crazy switch backed roads with no guard rails. A mistake meant certain death in most places. Luckily, our driver Sergio was awesome.

We had dinner at a nice hotel in Cotuasi. Cotahuasi is a dusty, not particularly attractive pueblo with some of the best views I have ever seen. Unfortunately the pics just do not do it justice. We had to get up early so we went to bed.


  1. Llama!

    Was that llama just walking along the road?

  2. Gracias por compartir estas vistas lindas del Cañón de Cotahuasi, son interesantes las aventuras y experiencias vividas... de un pueblo con paisajes naturales y mucha Biodiversidad...