Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last day in Arequipa(Thansgiving)

This was the first day we have not had to get up for something since arriving in Arequipa so we were a bit lazy for a while at Marta´s. We played on the internet, had breakfast and laid around.

Later I used the Magic Jack to call my sister Karen´s to talk to the fam on Thanksgiving and had a nice chat with them on speakerphone. Since the magic jack is from the US, it´s free to call there. Marta and Jorwerd endearingly call it the magic yack.

We got overnight bus tickets to Cusco. We figured we´d save a night of lodging and sleep on the way.

Later we toured the Santa Catalina convent. A still operational convent originally built in the 1560s. It´s about a city block I think. Pretty impressive. You´ll have to see Tiff´s pics because I forgot my camera.

We went to the leather district and I bought a nice wallet and belt for about $10.

After getting back, we packed up, grabbed quick dinner(no big Thanksgiving feast for us this year), said our goodbyes to Jorwerd, Marta and Beatrice and headed to the bus station.

After a chicken sandwich, a cheesy latin dance video and bingo, I fell asleep.

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  1. Hello. I tried to pay your mortgage today, and it asked me security questions I couldn't answer: "What is the name of your first boss." and "What is the name of the hospital in which you were born." Thought that answer might be "home". Tried to log on again, and it asked me Boss and Mother Bday. Not sure if it will ask me the same questions next time, but can you send back the answers, and I'll try again.
    I was successful in paying your credit card!