Friday, November 27, 2009

Rafting Wednesday

I had Elias schedule some of us trekkers a rafting trip on the drive back. So I walked downtown to meet the transport. Tiffany didn´t think her hip could handle it.

So I met up with Martin and Anne-Marie and a skeptical girl from NY named Ariel. They drove us a short way from Arequipa and gave us wetsuits, paddle jackets etc. The usual safety and instruction tak but in both English and Spanish. I assured Ariel that they seemed like they knew what they were doing and we jumped in the boat with our guide Roberto.

So the Rio Chilli is a class 3-4 river in between the Williams and the upper Yough(for the kayakers out there). I definitely would have been challenged a lot in my kayak. It is in a pretty narrow but not very deep gorge with tons of eucalyptus trees. It had several fairly steep waterfall like drops. Everybody had fun including the 2 spanish speaking girls in our boat. We did the usual jump rock and swimmers rapid. The water was damn cold though, at least as cold as upper Gauley water.

We headed back and I said goodbye to everyone and hope to meet up with Morten in Cusco.

After getting back to Marta´s, I met her new tenant, a pretty young German girl named Beatrice. She and I talked about America and Germany and how they view each other, learning Spanish etc. Europeans learn so many more languages than we do. Every one I have met speaks at least 3 languages.

Later after Tiff got in from her excursions, Beatrice, Tiff and I headed out for Mexican. Back to the house for Tiffany´s first try at making Pisco Sours(perfect) with Marta and Jorwerd and Beatrice.

All these early mornings have made me tired by 8 PM so off to bed.

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