Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I tried to sleep in but couldn´t. Anyway, after breakfast at the hostel, we got some tips from the staff on things to do. We headed down to Playa Del Amor(beach of love) with some great cow sculptures. Why cows? I don´t know but it had lots of sayings in español of the vicissitudes of love in tile on a wall. I understood about 60 percent of them. Then we headed down the coast a short way to Larcomar, a shopping area perched on the side of the cliff. Impressive engineering, probably made for touristas. Had a great lunch in outside looking out on the ocean. Unfortunately it was overcast but very comfortable temps in the 70s. Paragligers came within 50 feet of where we were sitting. Looks really fun.

We then walked about 15 blocks to an Incan ruin made entirely of adobe brick; a lot of adobe bricks. It was interesting but no Macchu Piccu.

Both us like to walk but unfortunately the emission standards aren´t exactly California´s. We had to get to some side streets just to be able to breath. Also, car horn blowing seems to be a national pasttime with about every driver honking nearly constantly. The cabbies honk to get your attention or to try to get you to walk faster across crosswalks to let people know they´re coming or for no apparent reason at all.

Walked back to the Hostel for a nap the out for dinner to a restaurant 50 feet from the hostel. I wanted to try some traditonal Peruvian so I went for the Ceviche. It was an impressive presentation, I wish I´d had my camera. It had raw squid, octopuss, shellfish of some kind and other seafood of unknown origin. Tasted awesome. I think it cost 25 soles, about $8. After a pisco sour, The drink of Peru, we headed out for one more drink then back to relax.

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  1. Glad you've made it there. I'll be going over to ready Tiffany's blog as well. Would love to hear some of the sayings on "the vicissitudes of love!"


  2. p.s. I highly recommend the catacombs in Lima.