Saturday, November 14, 2009


The bus ride was much more comfortable then I thought it would be. The seats reclined way back and were more comfortable than a plane. Our seats were on the second floor of the bus which is second class. Well try first class next time. The view on the right was the ocean off and on the right was a barren wasteland. Looked like I imagine afghanistan looks like. Pics to come.

Nasca has a population of about 50 thousand. Much smaller than Lima. The main industry is tourism around the lines. Its very dry and hot during the day with very little shade to be found. Most people stay a day, see the lines then leave, that´s what we are doing.

We stayed at a hostal for about 20 dollars but there is a very nice hotel here for 60. We ate lunch there so we could use the pool( see pics). It was an oasis from the heat and car horns. We can´t afford to stay at places like that much but one of these days we´ll splurge.

There is a lot of construction of new roads etc. Probably to increase tourism. There is a very nice central square with representations of the lines in the sidewalks etc..Very little shade though; the trees are young. You can tell that a lot of things are improving here but still a long way to first world standards.

I have been in neeed of a haircut so I set out to find a barber while Tiff took a shower. After having a converstion with a lady waiting, I got my haircut for 5 soles(about a dollar seventy but I gave him 8 soles). It was as good as any haircut I´ve had. Apparently flamboyantly gay hairdressers are not just a US phenomena. Later we had a few drinks of various types that are unique to Peru. Bed.

We had a arranged for a pickup to go see the lines by plane. All well organized and seemed pretty safe. People here are very prompt. Had a big breakfast of eggs, veggies in a kind of breaded pancake form. Walked around town and got fruits and other food for our next bus trip to Arequipa. Our hostel did not have net access so we are on a public terminal- one sol per hour. About 35 cents. See you in Arequipa.

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