Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spanish school

I just found out my facebook acct. was hacked. It may have nothing to do with me being in SA and using internet cafes but either way, don´t open any attachments that appear to come from me. So if you receive anything at all suspicious, it´s probably not from me.

Also, I added some stuff to the last post.

We left our beautiful stone room on Mon. morning and headed to the language school. After a lot of sitting around, we met our host family and went to their house, about 6 blocks away. Marta and Jorwerd(Howard) are extremely nice and talkative folks. They also have four boys whose names I can´t remember. For $150 we get all meals, lodging and 4 hours per day of instruction for 5 days. Not a bad deal.

We then headed back and had our first lesson. 2 hrs grammar, 2 hrs conversation. Went well but exhausting.

After dinner we took a cab to Jorwerd´s club. This is a massive sports complex that I have never seen the equal of. Every sport imaginable was available and being used(except for American football). Ping pong, pool, bowling, martial arts, track, weight rooms, dance, 2 massive pools, bocci ball, hand ball, soccer etc.; the place went on and on. It seemed at least as big as an average university campus.

I can tell we are going to learn a lot of Spanish. Possibly more from spending time with our host family than from classes.

By this point it was bed time.


  1. Let me be the first to say that there's something very amusing about the sentence, "I can tell we are going to lern a lot of Spanish."


    L4D2 came out yesterday. No fun at all. You are not missing anything. Chainsaws, grenade launchers, silenced machine guns, shopping malls... boooooorrrring. But hey, have fun in school!

  2. Fat Boy Wu spends most of his time at the window by the back door waiting for you.

    I am glad you are the ones adventuring. Love the blogs. Sorry about the hacker.

  3. Estoy celosa de tu clase español. ¿Cómo estás? ¿Cómo está tu estómago?

  4. Hola M.R. No debes estar celosa. Voy a aprender para ambos.

    Mi estómago ha estado bien excepto un dia. Es bueno si? Todo ha estado bien aparte de eso.

    Nos Vemos.

  5. Hey Terry, Thanks for pointing out my mistakes. I fixed it for you.

    I don´t think they´ll run out of zombies by the time I get home.

    Hope everything is going well. Later.