Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday in Arequipa

Language school continues. I have 2 instructors each day. One is very interesting. He calls himself Pepe and he is equal parts, bohemian European, drill sargeant and strange little Peruvian dude. He vacillates between these personalities during our sessions. It can be disconcerting. My hands sweat a lot. At time I think I´m learning a lot, at times I think I know nothing. Either way, it´s going.

After class and lunch, we headed out walking to the Plaza again. About 15 blocks. We mostly just ambled and looked in few stores(Tiff is looking for a trekking hat). We also stoppped in to one of apparently hundreds of tour agencies for the nearby Colca Canyon. We listened to the speal and were not impressed. Apparently all the agencies do the exact same bus and trekking route so it´s like a giant parade of tourists. Not exactly what we´re looking for. We´re bound and determined to find some good trekking off the beaten path. That´s the agenda for this weekend.

The Plaza is beautiful at night(see pics). Tiffany´s pics seem to be coming out better than mine. Check her´s on her link on her blog.

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