Friday, November 20, 2009


Last day of class. Had lunch on the balcony overlooking the square about 4 floors up. More expensive than other places but we had to do it once. After, we went on a 4 hour bus tour Here are some pics. Pepe is the guy on the right. Tiffany never had to work with him. She always got the girls.

We will be headed out tomorrow on a 4 day trek. 2 days will be in a hotel but likely no internet. If not, see you on the flipside. Should have some awesome pics to show.

I´m sick of typing by the time I get done with this but I do appreciate the comments and glad to hear everyone is doing well. I will try to respond to some when I get back


  1. So where does the water come from? Surely not those mountains. Photos and travelog are wonderful. Thanks. In that small photo Tiff looks strikingly like Paula; however, not when enlarged. It is nice to finally see you, Tiff.

  2. In Wednesday's blog you said we should check Tiff's pictures on her blog link.....which is???