Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cotuasi Monday

After getting up before 5 we ate a good breakfast of pancakes, cereal and juice. We set off on the same route as before ahead of Elias. The porters took the tents down and all we had to do was walk. We waited for Elias in a shady spot and when he caught up he said he had been running the whole way. It had taken him 45 min to break down camp.

We branched off our original route to get closer to the waterfall. Elias stood on the very edge which I could not do but laid on the edge to take some pics. The pictures don´t give the scale. It drops in 2 stages with the first about 60 feet or so onto a rock then the second stage about 40 feet into a pool.

We had lunch when we made it back to the van. Sergio had stayed there the whole time bored out of his gourd. He said that he had to stay there to keep anything from being stolen from the van.

After that we headed to some hot springs that had been made into a very nice facility with three different pools. The hottest was about 106 degrees. Perfect. The view was incredible.

After that we headed back to the same hotel for dinner and early bed again.

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  1. Hey, Morgan, here's some photos of Chloe (among other things) that Carson took (among other people):