Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas and beyond

The weather wascold and rainy so we were super lazy and laid around reading all day. A nice way to spend Christmas actually.

The next day the weather wasn´t much better so we were lazy for a while then took a hike to a mirador overlooking El Bolson. Later got some mediocre food but great ice cream. The tour book describes it as the best in the country and they may be right.

On the 27th we tried to take a bus out to a hike then realized that the bus doesn´t run on Sun. So we took a cab out to a trail leading to a place called Cajon Del Azul. This means the blue drawer and refers to a rock formation over the river(see pics).

After a bit of hiking, more questionable bridges and passing several horse riders, we made it to the Cajon. The river has an awesome, super clear aquamarine color and the views were amazing. Definitely one of the nicer hikes I have done. Lots of places where one wrong step would mean death. One bridge(over the Cajon) was made of logs and around 130 feet up but luckily it was short. We shared a cab back with a couple of German girls(we had the lady from a campground call).

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