Friday, December 25, 2009

Kayaking 12/21/09

After messing around town looking for some things Tiff wanted, we got picked up to go kayaking in nearby Lago Gutierrez.

After a short van ride with a couple from (I think) Germany, we got to the lake. It is a relatively small lake somewhat protected from wind by mountains on almost all sides. We met our guides Chris and Pablo who spoiled us with their excellent English. Chris used to spend part of the year around Lake Tahoe teaching snowboarding. They gave us the instruction talk and we set off in double kayaks. We had no problems coordinating but it was 100 times harder to turn these boats than my whitewater kayak. Much more designed to go in a straight line than mine. It was beautiful although we didn´t seem to go very far. Scale is much different in a lake than I am used to. We stopped at a liitle beach area, got out and had a little picnic in the woods. We had somewhat of a battle with horseflies (tabanos-spanish word of the day). The way back was a little harder because we were battling wind and waves but we made it. The other couple needed a tow. Chris was nice enough to take some pictures.

After we ate at a Mexican restaurant that wasn´t very good and more expensive than at home. Luckily we have made(Tiffany made) most of our meals at home and have been able to save some money.

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  1. Yup, I sure understand the "100 times harder to turn" -- since I alternate my whitewater canoe with my 16 foot sit-on-top.