Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cuzco continued

Sorry for the long lapse between posts. We have been on a 5 day trek to Machu Picchu. I will post on that later, I am a bit behind.

Anyway the raft trip on the Urabamba was pretty good. Only certain sections of certain rivers can be run because of the rainy season. At this level the river is a chocalte milk 3-4 river with few rocks but some big holes and waves. It was only me, a German girl a girl from Luxembourg the guide Gilbert and a safety kayaker. I have no pics because I don´t have a waterproof camera(MR). The girls did great and we were able to maneuver a full sized NRS raft where we wanted it. No flips but almost lost one girl out of the boat once. It was a cold windy day and I wish I´d had my cold weather gear from home. It was a much larger canyon and river than my last one. Much more open. We stopped halfway through to meet up with our driver in a Toyota SW for some hot chocolate. After the second half, we ate a good hot meal and drove back to Cuzco. All in all, pretty fun. Could have been warmer and sunnier. Water was cold too. Gilbert and the safety kayaker both were excellent and spoke great english. Got back around 4:30.

Later we ran into Morten, our buddy from the Salkantay trek at yet another Mexican restaurant. He had booked rafting for the following day. I tried pizza again(had a craving) but not up to Pies and Pints and not much cheaper unfortunately. Most Peruvian food is good but they seem to eat white rice and potatoes with everything and not too many veggies. We have to find other things to eat at times.

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