Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On to El Bolson 12/23/09

We took a 2 hour bus on to El Bolson a small town about 2 hours away to the south. EB is described as a ¨hippy town¨. After a rainy ride we had a rainy walk in circles trying to find our hostal. The owners were a young couple with kids and seemed very nice. They invited us to Christmas Eve dinner. They gave us a newly built cabin for the price of a double. It was pretty rustic but did have a basic kitchen, which we were hoping for, to continue to keep our food costs down.

We headed out to walk around town in search of food and locally made yogurt which happened to be also where ice cream was being sold so we had to partake in that.

EB is about the size of Marietta, pretty small. You could walk from one end to the other in about an hour. The views out of town are of mutiple snow covered mountains.

We made dinner and planned tomorrows hike.

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