Monday, December 21, 2009

Last day in Valparaiso/ Viña Del Mar

We spent our last day lying on the Beach in Viña. It was the first time on this trip that we really spent time on a beach and it was nice although I managed to get a sunburn on my stomach in the 20 minutes before I rented a beach umbrella (I was on my back reading). The sun is very strong and I have quite the redneck tan (now with a red chest and stomach). It´s very sexy. Haven´t been walking the streets with no shirt enough I guess. I would wear mesh shirts but I would have to walk 30 feet behind Tiffany so none would know were together.

After that we rode the train back to Val. and jumped on a bus for the overnight trip trying to get to Bariloche in Argentina. We opted for the ¨Cama Suite¨ which is the mac daddy of comfort on the bus. You can fully horizotally recline your chair into a bed which is definitely the way to go. After a couple of cheesy movies we got some good sleep other than something beeeping in the middle of the night.

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