Friday, December 18, 2009

Pics from Trek

Unfortunately it was very overcast and cloudy a lot of the time and we could tell there were beautiful views out there but we just couldn´t see them. It was great trekking even though at time it was very wet and rainy. The change from barren rocky high altitude to Jungle trekking was pretty dramatic. All of our team were really great people but there was a wide range of hiking abilities.

Machu Picchu itself was of course awesome but it was late in the morning before we could see most of it. Wegot up at 4 am to start hiking up from Aguas Calientes. Tiffany´s blog is much more complete.

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  1. Totally cool pics. They really tell the story. What a diff between the ones of the trek and the ones of Valparaiso. I do think that the Peruvians speak some of the purest "Spanish" in Latin America. But I did not realize the chilenos had such a distinct version.