Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cusco Museos 11/29

Tiffany was feeling sick so I met up with Ariel, a girl I met on the first rafting trip and her friend Adam who had just gotten in. We had a great brunch(she took him to I high end place because she didn´t want him to have problems on their Machu Pichhu trek) then went to a museum dedicated to Incan and pre-Incan artwork dating back to 800 BC or more. The Incan empire lasted around 100 years but there were many civilizations before that were even more advanced. Some interesting pottery. The better stuff is pre-Incan. In fact, I didn´t take many pics of the Incan stuff because the other was so much better.

I went back to see if Tiffany was feeling better and we got lunch but she wasn´t up for more museums. So she went back to the hotel and I met back up with Ariel to tour a former Incan temple that that the Spaniards had usede for there own ends after stripping it of gold and silver of course. The sun temple was thought to be completely covered in gold leaf and the moon termple in silver. It was thought to be seen for miles. Most of the Incan history was written on wood which was burned or rotted so we don´t know much from the horse´s mouth. We had a great guide who explained things well and we were able to help her by telling her that sheet(on a painting of Jesus) is not pronounced : shit. 2 different things. Apparently Incan painters were forced to paint religious paintings but were able to slip in little rebellious differences with reference to Incan gods.

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  1. Beautiful stuff. Much better than anything I remember at the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Thanks so much. Makes you wonder, don't it?

    So fine that you and Tiff are back safe. We were all anxious. You are so good about keeping our anxieties under control. Thanks again.