Friday, December 18, 2009

Valparaiso continued

We have spent several days here and have not done anything particularly exciting. mostly have just walked around and rode some of the ascensors up the hills. They are one of the things this town is known for. The area close to the ocean is relatively flat and the hills get steep as you go away from the water about a half mile. The ascensors are like a small train car on a track that is pulled up as another comes down from the top. I have taken no pics but Tiffany probably has.

We have been trying to save money by eating in mostly but have had some food out including some seafood. Nothing to write home about. Other than walking around, shopping and taking boat rides around the harbor there seems to be nothing much to do here. We are leaving today to go to Bariloche, Argentina.

Yesterday we rode the train to the neighboring city of Viña Del Mar which is a prettier, more touristy town with better beaches. Unfortunately it was cool and overcast when we left but it did warm up. However we had no swim suits. The water is cold here anyway, so you can´t really enjoy the ocean. We mostly walked around, looked at the sights and got some ice cream. Ice cream is really big in all the areas we´ve been and it´s pretty good. There was a nice park as well(see pics) but we got warned of the hill by a security guy saying it was dangerous because of thieves. We have been warned several times of this but have had no problems.We did talk to some Australian girls who had some things stolen by a thief who ran off. One gave chase but could not catch him. We try not to carry much money and try to stay aware but have not noticed any sketchballs yet. Tiffany did get some attention from a drunk at the bus station while I went back for more money. Security eventually sent him away.

It has been somewhat hard adapting to the Peso which is 500 to the dollar. It´s the first time I´ve ever said ¨ I´ve got nothing less than a ten thousand.¨ Hearing the prices can be hard at times and the Chileans aren´t always good at annunciating or even saying the whole words at times. It´s definitely harder to understand then Peru . Chileans apparently pride themselves on Speaking ¨Chilean¨ not Spanish.

All in all, I´m ready to leave and see something new with more nature to explore. That will hopefully be Bariloche and El Bolson.

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  1. Valparaiso port looks like Seattle.
    Photos are breathtaking. Thanks. I am still jealous.