Friday, December 11, 2009


We are now in Santiago, Chile facing a rude awakening of near American prices. The last few days have been a whirlwind of buses, cabs, planes etc. I have had little time or internet access and spent one day sick in Arequipa on our way here.

The rest of the Mchu Picchu trip was a mix of awesome views, rain, misery at times, glaciers in the distance, high mountain passes, jungle, biting flies, mud, physical exertion, camaraderie and a lot more. We spent an evening at some awesome hot springs too. After getting back and the subsequent travel, I have not had the time to fully update the blog and the internet places can be very uncomfortable and the computers very slow. I regret not doing the whole details but at this point am too far behind. I will post some pics soon. Have already posted some on facebook.

Santiago is a mix of modern and old and definitely has more character than any city we´ve been in so far. We haven´t been here long enough to get much of the flavor but definitely close to American standards on most everything. Much less car pollution compared to Peruvian cities but a lot of people smoke and they smoke everywhere. Trade on thing fore another I guess. Had a great meal of rabbit last night. We are currently trying to find a cheaper place to stay and to plan our next move to a beach town. Maybe Valparaiso. Will update as time and access allow.

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  1. So maybe biting flies and smokers aren't perfect -- but you are definitely having an adventure!!!!

    And what is this pictures on Facebook and not here!?! Not fair.