Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve

During our walk yesterday we happened on a massage place and had made appts for today. Our Christmas gifts to ourselves. Tiffany went first and reported having acupuncture and other unconventional treatments. Unfortunately, mine was boring old swedish but I guess I didn´t ask for anything specific. Still relaxing.

After lunch we headed out on our planned hike. After a couple of false trails, we found where we were supposed to be and made it to our first destination: Mirador Rio Azul, an overlook to the Rio Azul Valley. After that we made our way to a small waterfall called Cascada Escondida. We were told there was a trail along the small creek(fed by the waterfall) back towards town but ¨the guy¨ told us that some people can´t make it and turn around. We figured we could handle it.

So at the bottom of the waterfall, we found the trail. It involved a fair bit of scrabbling but we were enjoying it and did´t see what the big deal was. After a while when Tiff was in front she said that the trail ended in the creek and that it must go up and around. I foolishly listened and we headed up the hill at about a 45 degree angle which turnred into 60 and brambles. There was a trail but I was doubtful so I turned around to re-try the original trail. I found that you could hang on to the rock and go around and continue. I called for Tiffany but she was busy trying to cut new trail with her eyeball. She eventually made it down and we continued on. After a few more minutes and another questionable bridge crossing, we made it to the river that runs through town.

We walked along the river and eventually made it back to town. We went to the internet and phone place and she was able to make some calls. Mine were unsuccessful so I played in the internet some.

Our hosts planned on a 10:30 dinner so we could then toast Christmas at midnight. There were about ten of us from various countries plus Valadia and her husband Claudio. It was a great chicken and fixings dinner plus a toast of a drink from Argentina that tastes like Jaegermeister but worse. Wouldn´t recommend it and can´t remember the name anyway. A little unusual for Christmas Dinner but very nice. Time for bed.

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  1. Hey Great pics! Everyone is wanting to know when you are comming home. I am not trying to be a buz kill. Sam McClung